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We don't just talk about diversity at Johnson Controls. It is a value and a goal that is an essential part of our business model. Our company recognizes excellence comes in many forms and from every region—and we cultivate a culture that supports diversity and promotes excellent inclusion, teamwork, and growth.

Performance Awards
Suppliers compete for Johnson Controls' coveted supplier awards. Suppliers increase their chances of winning by offering buying team strategies that provide cost reduction, continuous improvement in products and services, and diverse business involvement.

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Johnson Controls' leading automotive suppliers honored during 17th annual North American Supplier Performance Awards ceremony Top-performing auto suppliers acknowledged for commitment to excellence in 2012.

Johnson Controls North American Supplier Performance Award 2010

Johnson Controls North American Supplier Performance Award 2011

Johnson Controls Supplier Expectations Day 2010

Johnson Controls Supplier Expectations Day 2011

Johnson Controls Supplier Expectations Day 2012

Ford’s Q1 Certificate is the highest honor bestowed on a supplier by the auto maker. Recognizing their efforts and commitment to fulfilling customers expectations related to component design, functionality, costs, without compromising quality or delivery.

Ford Motor Company has awarded DUDEK & Bock a leading supplier of Springs, Wireforms, Stampings, Welded Rings and Welded Assemblies for the automotive industry the prestigious Q1 certification.



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