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HISTORY - Dudek & Bock is a leading manufacturer of custom springs, wireforms, light metal stampings and assemblies. Our reputation for fulfilling customers expectations related to component design, functionality and costs without delay, and without compromising quality or delivery has earned Dudek & Bock respect from the industries we serve. Many of our long-term customers are Fortune 500 companies requiring quantities over 50,000 pieces per day.

TECHNOLOGY, SERVICES, PRODUCTS CAPABILITIES, RESOURCES - Founded in 1946 with just two four-slides, Dudek & Bock’s broad range of capabilities, extending from very small to large wire diameters and flat-stock thicknesses, is made possible through the extensive array of equipment. Estimated at well over 500 machines of various types, this menu of equipment is reported to be one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Our Chicago plant is one of the largest spring and wireform manufacturers under one roof.

Custom design equipment - Supplementing machinery, Dudek & Bock also designs and manufactures custom equipment specifically aimed at fulfilling customer expectations related to component design, functionality and cost.

IN-HOUSE TOOLING - In house tool-making by our skilled tool and die makers possessing expertise in prototype production affords our customers further value in design for new parts or for part re-design.

QUALITY - You can be sure that parts we supply will always meet your standards and specifications. We are ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified.

Recognizing customer’s needs to source components from suppliers that are cost-competitive in a global marketplace, Dudek & Bock’s adherence to and continual monitoring of manufacturing metrics consistent with well established “best in class” industry standards ensures that customers receive high value for their purchasing dollar.

Growing trend towards the marketing of customer automotive designs on a global basis, through access to each company’s cross functional support spanning all program life cycle stages, we believe that customer value will be maximized through the harnessing and leveraging of the combined efforts and abilities of both Dudek & Bock and it’s Asian Alliances.

Chicago, Woodstock, Mexico and China D&B locations provide reciprocal support to one another, thus affording each location access to the full spectrum of knowledge, technical and engineering know-how and manufacturing capabilities.

“Our mission is to achieve superior customer satisfaction by integrating quality, responsiveness, technology, and value through innovation, continuous improvement, and teamwork.”


5100 W. Roosevelt Rd.
Chicago, IL 60644
Phone: 773-379-4100
Fax: 773-379-4108
Contact Raquel Chole or Michael Dudek
Email: sales@dudek-bock.com


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