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Dudek & Bock Welded Assemblies

Welded Assemblies
Types of welds available:

  • Butt Welds which weld parts end to end, i.e. in a ring assembly, a butt weld joins the ends of the material to form a seam in the ring.
  • Resistant Welds which weld material to itself, i.e., peg board hooks
  • Crosswire Resistant Welds which weld wireforms perpendicular to each other, i.e. a mesh or grid.
  • Assembly Welds which weld two parts together, i.e. a flat form to a wireform, or a wireform to a wireform, or a flat form to a flat form.

Open Assemblies
These assemblies are not welded and include:

  • Latches which are generally two wireforms combined to make a latch closure.
  • Component Assemblies which include assembling a plastic part with a wireform, a rivet with a flat form or stamping, a stamping with a wireform, or a mesh silencer with a spring.
  • Extension Spring Assemblies which use a wire-formed swivel hook or bolt inserted into the end(s) of a tempered extension spring.

Custom Wire, Tube and Fabricated Metal Assemblies, Components.
Dudek & Bock transitioned WireCraft Manufacturing - Custom Wire, Tube and Fabricated Metal Assemblies and Components operations into the Chicago plant. Part of the unique expertise we gained from this consolidation, was in the area of “Welding and Welded Assemblies”, expanding our already world-class services.

Dudek & Bock welded assemblies

Custom Wire Forming, Fabricated Metal Forms and Custom Wire Displays.

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