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Dudek & Bock Spring Manufacturing Company is a leading manufacturer of custom springs, wireforms, metal stampings and assemblies

Dudek & Bock is committed to the success of their customers. Our commitment began when Dudek & Bock was founded in 1946 with just two four-slides, and continues today with hundreds of production machines. The Chicago plant is one of the largest spring and wireform manufacturers under one roof while our Saltillo, Coahuila plant serves an ever increasing number of manufacturers in Mexico.

       Dudek & Bock’s reputation for quality, on-time production has earned them respect from the industries we serve. Dudek & Bock also have access to most gauge sizes of basic wire, music wire, HDMB, OTMB, Chrome Silicon, Stainless Steel Type 430, Beryllium Copper and Phosphor Bronze. Dudek & Bock manufacture quality with Statistical Process Control, using spring force testers, charting and certification. Dudek & Bock methodologies follow ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified processes to ensure the highest standards consistent with these specifications.

       Dudek & Bock has the ability to design and build production machines to suit the special needs of our customers. This in-house capability allows Dudek & Bock to create machines that fabricate parts (EX: double torsion springs) that cannot be fabricated on standard coilers or four-slides. Dudek & Bock tooling is performed by “in-house” tool and die makers. These experts are also responsible for designing spring and wireform prototypes.

       In 2008, Dudek & Bock transitioned the Michigan stamping and welded ring operations into the Chicago plant. Part of the unique expertise we gained from this consolidation, was in the area of lap welding technology - particularly as it pertains to welded rings, often used as alternatives to butt welded or more expensive seamless tubing-based rings. Coupled with sophisticated forming machinery, Dudek & Bock is able to manufacture these welded rings in round, oval and rectangular shapes in a highly efficient, "1-shot" continuous operation for high production runs. Current applications for these include exhaust system isolator rings and swage clamp rings to cover rubber boots on drive-shaftsIn short, Dudek & Bock is a world class supplier of custom springs, wireforms, metal stampings, welded rings and assemblies with the resources to meet all your needs without delay, and without compromising quality or delivery.



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