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Dudek & Bock Manufactured Spring Portfolio

Dudek & Bock has over 60 years of spring expertise to put to work for you. Our experience means we can quickly and expertly design virtually any type of custom spring you need. Contact us for a quote on your project.

What's more, our state-of-the-art production equipment means we're prepared to produce everything from pilot lots to million+ piece production runs. Whether you need springs in round, square or rectangular wire shapes, in virtually any diameter or size, Dudek and Bock has the expertise to engineer and produce your spring with the quality, cost and lead time you want.

Compression Springs 

Compression springs can be manufactured from round, square or rectangular material, with ferrous or nonferrous composition. Compression springs can be designed with ground or unground ends, depending on the application.

Wire Size:

.005 to .500


Helical, hourglass, conical, barrel


Open, squared, round


Extension Springs 

Extension springs are manufactured with virtually any type of loop or specialty ends. Automatic coiling and looping equipment eliminates the cost and delay of secondary handling of production runs. Quality is further enhanced by electronic inspection at the machine with 100% reliability.

Wire Size:

.010 to .135


Full cross loops, side loops,
double twisted full loops,
rectangular, teardrop

Torsion Springs 

Torsion springs are produced in round, square, flat or shaped wire, in any design your specifications require. Dudek & Bock torsion spring machinery is designed to eliminate most secondary operations to cut production time and cost.


Wire Size:

.008 to .207


Bent, twisted,
hooked, looped

Double Torsion Springs 

Double torsion springs are produced in one operation on machinery designed especially for Dudek & Bock. This efficient process results in cost and production time reductions for our customers.


Wire Size:

.008 to .080


 Bent, twisted, hooked, looped

Specialty Springs 
(Counterbalance Springs / Constant Force Springs

In response to customer demand, Dudek & Bock, in 2009 expanded the product line to include the production of counterbalance springs - also known as regulator springs, spiral springs and/or constant force springs. These springs are a form of a torsion spring, made of rectangular material.  This spring type is commonly used in automotive seating and other highly demanding applications.  As a result of these high performance requirements, the torque delivered per revolution is linear for the first 360 degrees.  These springs are required to apply constant force until the 360 degree point of rotation as they store rotational energy when turned about the center shaft. 


Size range capabilities for these counter-balance springs span from .047 x .125 to .076 x .140 for small springs up to  .093 x .375 to .160 x .625 for larger springs.




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